Opens barriers and gates from Apple Watch and iPhone.

If you open barriers or gates by phone every day, Abrista can help you do it in a more convenient and faster way.

Benefits Of the App

  • It is not necessary to spend time and be nervous looking for entrance phone number in your recent calls list or address book. Use Abrista.

  • All entrances are presented and available in the same place:
    on iPhone or Apple Watch app.

  • Open entrances through notifications: you will receive notifications on approaching an entrance - press or click on it to proceed.

  • iPhone widget shows nearest objects:
    uses geodata to measure distances

  • Apple Watch app provides two ways to open entrances:
    from Abrista app and from Apple Watch Face.


Convenient app for workouts

This app is for sports lovers who are trying to make their workouts productive.

Benefits Of the App

  • Different workout types

    Interval or tabata workouts - you will be able to choose which type of workout to use.

  • Adopt workouts for yourself

    Create your own workouts that fit your needs.

  • Workouts History

    Track your workouts regularity with workouts history.

  • Simplicity = effectiveness.

    Visually friendly and intuitive UI.

  • Background mode

    Supports background mode even on locked screen

  • Screen orientations

    Use screen orientation that fits you: portrait or landscape.

  • Quick launch of previous workout

    Launch previous workout right from the main menu.

  • Quick workouts.

    If you don't have time for creating workouts intervals, use quick workouts.